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What We Do

Here at GiveUpPain we help individuals recognize and release the effects of foundational and developmental trauma and programming; releasing stored tension and stress from the body, heart and mind.

We help clear this foundational burden, and encourage our clients to live a fuller, longer, more satisfying life through the practise of tRt -

Tapping Release Technique.

Using tRt daily, and in-the-moment, helps individuals gain control of their emotianl state, and release their own daily stresses and tensions.

For this we offer one-to-one sessions, both online and in person,

where we delve into the ACE's (Adverse Childhood Experiences), as well as current anxiety and stressors.

And for those that are ready to shift their paradigm, we offer our unique program called the FeelingPath ILLUMINATED Experience, where over the course of 3 DAYS and 3 MONTHS, we clear, break old patterns, and release deep seeded traumas as we rebuild the Self; letting go of limitations and revealing new levels of potential, thereby unlocking the UNLIMITED SELF. 

Stress and Trauma Release Specialists

Kasia Kaminska & Dan Brooks




"If you're feeling called, don't look back and just jump!"  - Vanessa Sieger 

Where do I start? The FeelingPath ILLUMUNATED changed my life in so many ways. It showed me light in the darkest areas of my life, and cut the ties to anything heavy in my life that I didn't know I could put down. Throughout my journey with the FeelingPath there were so many positive shifts. Dan and Kasia are truly the most empathic, kind, and educational course pilots to lead anyone through this journey. They ensure that each step is understood and truly felt with the heart-light as the forefront. 

If you're feeling called, don't look back and just jump! You won't regret it!

This journey will change your life in many ways and you will feel so much lighter!

Our Services

"Miracles happen when we release trauma." - Dan Brooks

  • ​Online Reading & Release Session available through Facebook Messenger, Zoom, Skype (1 hour + )

  • In-person Reading & Release Session (2 hours +)         

  • the FeelingPath ILLUMINATED Experience (3 DAYS-NIGHTS in-person, 3 MONTH mentoring)

  • Stress & Anxiety Relief Workshops (2 hours and 4 hours option / online or in-person)

Everything Can Shift... Especially You

it's time to GiveUpPain!

Meet us, in person & see our schedule, at the

Awakening Energy Events  Holistic Healing fairs! 

Follow the link to see where we'll be next! 




To be World Leaders and Chosen Experts in Clarity,

Systematically Releasing ALL inner illusion, trauma, stress and outward projection of limitation.

We are here to create and fully embrace a New-Paradigm, a New-Politics of Compassion, Love, Understanding, Wisdom, and Unity.


To bring Release, Clarity, and Actual Solutions to individuals, couples, families, and to all who are ready to receive it.

To Mentor and train those who are ready to embrace this new paradigm as part of their vision to help others.


"We are here to Guide, Uplift, and Inspire You to Remember Who You Are"


"You are beautiful ♥️ and there was never anything wrong with you...
you just had things happen to you."

Dan Brooks & Kasia Kaminska


About Us

"You are infinite in nature, and beautiful by design." - Kasia Kaminska


We are Kasia Kaminska and Dan Brooks; authors, motivational speakers and Stress and Trauma

Release Specialists.

GiveUpPain was originally founded in 2005 and was Dan's loving response to the suffering he was seeing in the world at that time. It was five years ago that things really started to take off, that's when we began working together, shifting our focus from personal relief to a grander mission, to help, and really make a change in our world. We just knew that things could be better, and we were willing to do what it took to make that happen!

Our biggest desire, then and now, is to help children; to stop trauma before it even begins, and to end the unnecessary pain and suffering we see in each of us.

We know, its time to GiveUpPain!

Dan & Kasia 


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Misty Woodland

"Life is not about being dealt a good hand, but about playing a poor hand well."


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