The Best Is Yet To Come

We're going through so much lately... at times it seems like everything is being turned upside down. Some of you, especially the ones who are beginning to feel and understand collective energy, have felt the intensity and the depression-like feelings that come with it. #ItsTimeForAChange

Yes... these are challenging times... but we must take this depression energy and shift it, as we personally release whatever still 'depresses' us in our life, and fill that new space with the potential of something new and beautiful.

What would you like to 'paint' into this world?

What do you want life to feel-look like?

Spend some time today, and each day, envisioning a new, beautiful, uplifted version of reality... one built on the principals of Love, Compassion, Understanding, Unity, Wisdom, and Beauty and let's send out such a strong pulse, that the entire collective, the living world as we know it, that EVERYONE will feel it! 🌈 🕊 #waveoflove #thebestisyettocome

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