Miracles Happen When You Release Trauma

When we release the heavy burden of trauma, of those things that happened to you that really shouldn't have, when you strip back the layers of pain created as a result... the innate, which means, always present state of your Being rises forward, unencumbered by the heavy emotions and beliefs that made it shrink in the first place.

You came here to this physical experience because you knew that EVENTUALLY you'd find your way back to the true awesomeness of your TRUE nature... and you have in many ways!

Think of every time you've reached for that better feeling, or every time you helped someone else do the same... in all those moments, you were being your TRUE self; your compassionate, loving, innate self.

This is Who You Are, and who you will always be... and no matter of trauma, or pain, or distortion will ever change that fact; YOU ARE LOVE 💕


Ka. ❤

#GiveUpPain #waveoflove


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