How to Get Comfortable With Change 

In order to get comfortable with the true awesomeness of change, you must first get comfortable with the feeling of making small changes. Fun practice! Try this... begin to make very small changes in your environment; move a candle, change which direction you cross your fingers as you're holding your hands, brush your teeth with the other hand... whatever you do, notice the newness of that feeling, and how 'comfortable' you feel accomplishing that task. Notice how pleasant it is to try something new, and how fun it feels on your body as you SENSE yourself anew. Each time you do this you prepare yourself for whatever 'bigger' choices you may face down the road. And in time, as you consistently LISTEN to your own yes and no's, and diligently follow the YES's, you will rebuild the trust that you broke in yourself every time you heard a yes and took the no path. So give it a try... see where your 'yes' path leads you as you build your confidence in your own innate inner guidance as it leads you seamlessly from one interesting experience into the next. Get comfortable with the true awesomeness of change by getting comfortable with the feeling of making changes, small and big. Can you imagine... feeling good about your changes, consistently and ongoingly?? We do 💕🙏 and we know you will too


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