How are you feeling during this Solar Event?

Something interesting... friends this will DEFINITELY have an impact on the way you feel... so take a deep breath, and remind yourself that you are evolving!#waveoflove 💕

I shared this with friends privately, and now I'd like to say this to all of you...

Go visit this mans site, and have a look at the videos to do with this solar event... we're in it friends 🌎

Just keep in mind, this is not a fear thing, he's a little scared by this all, and doesn't understand the innate evolution of what's happening, so he's coming from some fear... but the data is good, and needs to be shared.💗

If you're having any symptoms, and chances are you do, these are the signs of purging, please understand that your body is fast adapting to these massive energies, and that feels like something... but you're supported, guided and protected and deeply loved through this process 🤍 so tend to your body and reassure yourself often, that YOU'RE OK, and that EVERYONE on the planet is feeling some portion of this.

You're not dying.

You're experiencing massive amounts of 'stress' that is propelling your body into a new level of integraty and physical being.

You're going to be ok ❤


We Love you,

Kasia and Dan 💕


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