A Wave of Love for You 💙

Dearest friends...

Know and be reassured, that this phase of our awakening will pass.

We know that you are more than you still believe, because we feel you... right now... as you allow this connection to be... to exist.

Know, and be reassured that this phase of our collective awakening will pass, and all shall be as it is meant to be...

One morning, we will all wake up and REMEMBER WHO WE ARE, and we will laugh at the mischief we've created, and set about to immediate ACTION to change it!

We will know who we be, and begin to love and live, like the compassionate, wise, loving souls that we all are.

We will turn to our neighbors, our friends, our family, we will turn to the collective whole and we will love them in a new, open, and deeply connected way... for we will suddenly feel, and sense, the intimate connection between us all... and even a stranger will feel like distant family.

This morning could happen at any time... we just have to be aware that it CAN!

So please, in the meantime, and as a way to practise this new feeling of love, LOVE your planet, love this being that we all walk atop, for she is the mother and we are made physical from her physicality. And as she passes into a new awareness of self, so too, all of you, all of us, either awakened or asleep, will shift.

Love your mother.

Love your father.

Love what is.


#thebestisyettocome #waveoflove

...we love you

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