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 OUR VISION is to be the Leaders and Chosen Experts in Clarity and Systematically Releasing ALL Inner Illusion and outward projection of limitation. To Create and Fully Embrace a New Paradigm… a New Politics of Compassion, Love, Understanding, Wisdom, and Unity

OUR MISSION is to bring Relief, Clarity and Actual Solutions to individuals, couples in relationships, families, and to all who are ready to receive it. And to Mentor and train those who are ready to embrace this new paradigm as part of their vision to help others.

We are here to Guide, Uplift You, and Inspire You to Remember Who You Are

Dan Brooks and Kasia Kaminska


Services We Offer

Life Lived with Deliberate Intention

Here at GiveUpPain we live by the motto "there was never anything wrong with you" However, we do know that you have had things happen to you, and that those things have become emotional anchors which keep giving you the repeat patterns of your current life

Everything Can Shift... Especially You

We know the goodness that You are

And it is from this love and certainty that we feel about you, and who you truly are, that has lead us to develop our unique Stress Relief Technique 'sRt' by which to release daily stress and eliminate, and fully rectify, all foundational and developmental traumas; from Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACES), Critical Incident Stress (CIS) to Post Traumatic Stress Disorders (PTSD)

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Is a six month process, which includes a

3 DAY Belief Restructuring Intensive.

This process is ideal for anyone who is seeking Higher Awareness, those who want to teach others, those who want to improve and rediscover their empathic skills, and for those who seek a deeper, fuller, and a more complete understanding of how we all create our own reality.



This is our opportunity to come to your community to make ourselves available, and to deliver in the moment guidance and relief through Reading & Release Sessions with people, like you, who are looking for Answers and Actual Solutions.

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These participatory workshops are designed for groups of people, or individuals, who are looking to improve the quality of their individual life circumstances, or who want to build trauma informed communities within their area.



These four hour, one to one sessions, will help you to identify the foundational beliefs that are currently guiding your results, and release them!

Upcoming Events
Welcome to Monday's tRt- TAPPING and Release
Mon, Jul 13
Online Event, Facebook Live @GiveUpPainNow
Jul 13, 8:00 PM
Online Event, Facebook Live @GiveUpPainNow
This week we're going to tRt - Tap and Release on... 🗝 feeling afraid to feel your emotions 🗝 letting-go of being afraid to be hurt 🗝 letting-go of hurting yourself 🗝 letting-go of numbing yourself 🗝 releasing the feeling that you're getting it wrong You are beautiful ♥️
Sault Ste Marie’s Spring Holistic Healing Fair.
Sun, Mar 22
83 Huron St
Mar 22, 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM
83 Huron St, 83 Huron St, Sault Ste. Marie, ON P6A 5P4, Canada
We invite you to join us for a READING & RELEASE💕 Discover the answers to your questions, gain a deeper insight into your own personal experience, and learn how to effectively release your tension and worries, with a visit to our table🙏💜 All Readings & Releases are open to PotLuck Exchange
Sudbury’s Spring Holistic Healing Fair
Sun, Mar 08
Caruso Club
Mar 08, 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM
Caruso Club, 385 Haig St, Sudbury, ON P3C 1C5, Canada
We invite you to join us for a READING & RELEASE💕 Discover the answers to your questions, gain a deeper insight into your own personal experience, and learn how to effectively release your tension and worries, with a visit to our table🙏💜 All Readings & Releases are open to PotLuck Exchange

All About Us

The Path to a Better You




WELCOME to our home here in this vast web world. Our names are Kasia and Dan, Stress and Trauma Relief Specialists, and we are extremely eager and humbled to share our life and practice with you, thank you for joining us here. 

We really enjoy this platform to connect with our friends from all over the globe! 

It is our mission, our glory, to share with you every avenue we have taken to find this wholesome life that we enjoy.

We awake every morning feeling so blessed to finally have peace of mind, and we are living our dreams in ACTION! 

Please, take a look through our site here. We have worked very hard to put this all together for the purpose

of providing you with GUARANTEED solutions, REAL solutions, to anything you believe is a burden in your life. 

We are well known as Stress and Trauma Relief and Release specialists, and have helped many to achieve peace of mind

through guided and simple techniques, to clear the path for allowing a new life. 

We are living examples that life is supposed to be good, and fun, and of course we all desire wealth, and abundance, just as much as we deserve it. On this page, you will find every source of information you could ever need, or want, to help you escape from living in the shadows of your mistakes. You see, we believe there are no mistakes. We are good, you are good, we are all good human beings at the core of our existence, and we are experts at helping you move quickly through the troubles that are in the way of getting to

know your true nature. 

Is it more love you would like in your life?


Maybe you would like more money? More freedom? 

How about a new relationship with yourself?

We will guide you to that self, and we will wake you up and hold your hand until you can make it there yourself. 

And then, we will still hold your hand. 

You are a living, breathing, dreaming creative being and it's time to stop suffering. 

It's time to REMEMBER who you REALLY are,

and it is not only our pleasure, but our responsibility to guide you to the One and only,

here and now, and gracefully FORWARD with a new outlook, a new knowing of yourself.

Thank you for joining us our dear friend, we hope you enjoy looking at our services, free gifts, all natural products, books, and genius information, seminars ...and it is here where you can become a member of the Feeling Path ILLUMINATED experience…

a path that opens you up to the Ultimate you! 

You will notice a place to leave any questions you may have, we will promptly get back to you.

You will also find a link to enjoy a peak of Kasia's Golden book, DRIVERS SEAT .…a time traveling manual,

and Dan's phenomenal book Fears, Phobias and Freedom,

both available for purchase at a special price for this launching of our new website, and adventurous journey forward!


Just as much as we enjoy this pathway of communication, we want you to know that we are on the healing path,

wherever we are, and our mission is to travel the world and welcome ALL on this healing~feeling path with us.

You can view our scheduled events, and more than likely we will have the opportunity to meet with you someday.

 We know no limits, and we are undefeated by the hands of time. 

Join us on this journey; the door is wide open for YOU!

Take a look at our testimonials, there is never one who leaves uncertain of what to do next. We are excited to get to know you, and for YOU to get to know yourself! We are here for you, and with you. We have such a wide variety of services, and we are evolving to the point where we are looking for DREAM SEEKERS. We have found the path to freedom, and we offer a money making system to our Feeling Path members, who have completed the course and are ready to move on to be mentors; the Feeling Path ULTIMATE.

Let's keep PAYING IT FORWARD! Let's get back to the true meaning of life, together! 

This is a certified course and we are very eager to dive in and get you where you need to be in life,

where you deserve to be, living your dreams!  

Onward and upward we go friends!

We are excited to get to know you!


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